TSI AP800 AirPro Micromanometer

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TSI AP800 AirPro Micromanometer

The TSI AP800 AirPro Micromanometer is a rugged, compact, configurable and high performing component of the AirPro Solutions platform. It is used in conjunction with AirPro Mobile Application Software and user-defined feature sets. It includes a differential pressure sensor (with and ports) for differential and static pressure, barometric pressure sensor for air density correction, integrated display, two buttons (Power and Save) and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery; which can be charged via USB. It provides a subset of operational controls and reporting capabilities while utilizing Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to communicate wirelessly in real-time with the AirPro Mobile Application Software running on the users preferred mobile hand held device. It also provides internal storage for use in long- or short-term unattended data logging applications via SD card.

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TSI AP800 AirPro Micromanometer