Tracer Gas (5% Hydrogen in Nitrogen)

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Tracer Gas (5% Hydrogen in Nitrogen)

Tracer Gas is a premium and safe leak detection solution that can quickly identify leaks in systems or pipework, helping to save you time on the job.

Composed of 5% Hydrogen in 95% Nitrogen, the hydrogen molecules in Tracer Gas escape through the smallest of leaks when charged into a system or pipework. This escaping gas can be easily identified with use of a suitable electronic leak detector.

Using Tracer Gas is considered significantly more effective than other methods such as liquid spray. Being mostly nitrogen, this mixture is non-flammable and safe to use.

-Fast and more effective leak detection solution
-Detects leaks much smaller than with other methods
-Can save you time on the job
-Particularly convenient for finding leaks in difficult to access areas where leak detection spray is difficult to apply
-Non-flammable and non-toxic
-Environmentally friendly method for leak detection
-Can double as a faster and more accurate drop-test gas

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Tracer Gas (5% Hydrogen in Nitrogen)