testo 420 - Air Flow Hood

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testo 420 - Air Flow Hood

Weighing only 2.9KG's making it the lightest Airflow hood in the market.

16 measurement points that records Temperature, Humidity, Differential & Absolute Pressure.

Highly precise readings at swirl outlets thanks to flow straightener.

IOS & Andriod App Integration via Bluetooth connectivity.

Onsite report generation & email.

The Testo 420 volume flow hood is suited for HVAC systems and comes with a control panel for displaying measurement data. The control panel can be tilted or removed to suit user requirement.

Product Description
The Testo 420 measuring instrument enables you to measure flow velocity, volume flow, absolute pressure, temperature and relative humidity. The automatic zeroing function ensures higher accuracy for low pressures.

All measuring values are easy to read on the large display which has an illumination function. For analysis and documentation, measurement data can be saved and measurement protocols can be created directly on site using the testo 420 App. In addition the measurement data can be easily accessed via PC without any additional software thanks to the plug & play function.

The Testo 420 volume flow hood with its integrated measuring instrument was not only developed to measure volume flow measurement. The measuring instrument can also be taken off the hood and used to measure pressure, flow and volume flow measurements in a duct. Simply attach a Pitot tube and connection hoses (both optional). With integrated, timed and multi-point mean calculation.

Check testo.com.au for technical details.

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testo 420 - Air Flow Hood