Strobic Air Rooftop Exhaust, Mixed Flow, Dilution Fan System

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Strobic Air Rooftop Exhaust, Mixed Flow, Dilution Fan System

The Strobic Air Tri Stack exhaust system is todays most cost-effective solution to the problems of industrial air pollution control, re-entrainment and odour control, and specifically to meeting AS/NZS 2243.8, AS 1668.2, ANSI Z9.5, ASHRAE 110, NFPA 45 and applicable ventilation standards. It is suitable for a wide range of applications; from restaurant smoke and odour control, through to critical biomedical or chemical laboratory fume exhaust, as well as industrial or emergency diesel generator fume extraction.

As well as a state of the art system for new-build installation, Strobic Air Tri Stacks are a cost-saving replacement for the tall exhaust stacks and centrifugal exhaust fans that have conventionally been used in laboratory exhaust systems.

Advantages of upgrading to the Strobic Air Tri Stack include:
-Low profile design replaces the tall, unsightly stacks of conventional industrial exhaust fans. Many Strobic installations have low visibility from the property line.
-Prevents re-entrainment, by sending a jet plume of diluted exhaust air up to 50m high where odours and other contaminants are dispersed effectively eliminating them from the local environment.
-Compatible with plenum based heat/cooling recovery systems.
-Nearly maintenance free operation gives significant cost savings.
-The TriStack Smart System gives variable air volume control, together with automatic fan control to maintain optimum efficiency.
-Direct drive motors, with extremely long life, eliminating the need to replace belts, pulleys and other drivetrain components.
-Reduce energy costs through higher efficiency.
-Direct drive eliminates vibration.

Whatever your air quality management needs, the Strobic Air Tri Stack will probably have a size, capacity and configuration to suit them. Airepure can supply a bespoke system tailored to virtually any pollution and/or odour abatement application.

Strobic Air Tri Stack installations are fast, aided by the modular design. We supply systems both as new-build installations and as retrofits. Our highly experienced engineering staff, backed by our NATA accreditation, will help you design a certifiable air exhaust installation tailored exactly to the needs of your plant.

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Strobic Air Rooftop Exhaust, Mixed Flow, Dilution Fan System