Round Light Weight Duct ALPround

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Round Light Weight Duct ALPround

The only true Light Weight Duct! This is a first globally and until now, no one has been able to match. ALP has been producing and supplying Round Light Weight Duct for almost a decade now around the globe, this beautiful product has what it takes to make a impact on any open ceiling space. ALPround keeps true to its nature making it light weight, easy to install and meet the required R1.2 for exposed duct work! like all of ALP Light Weight Duct, ALPround can be painted for that extra POW... It is made of a heavy duty facing for that added strength and comes in a range of transitions, joints, size and turns, making it applicable for almost every application.

All ALP products are made of pure Aluminium which also make it Ideal for CRAC unit Facilities and Swimming Pool environments!

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Round Light Weight Duct ALPround