Reactivity Monitors for Airborne Contaminants

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Reactivity Monitors for Airborne Contaminants

Airborne molecular contaminants damage electronics, circuit boards, and components. The damage from corrosion can cause downtime in production, costly repairs, and equipment failure and replacement in worst-case scenarios.

Reactivity monitoring is an accurate and reliable method of evaluating the quality of makeup and recirculation air in a controlled environment. Active monitoring involves constant feedback of data measuring the type and level of corrosion, temperature and humidity.

Camfil Airepure Atmospheric Corrosion Monitor indicates the level of corrosion before severe damage occurs, preventing costly downtime and maintenance repairs. Copper and silver sensors measure the rate of corrosion in real-time. An internal data logger stores the results to be accessed through the internet or directly transmit to a process control system.

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Reactivity Monitors for Airborne Contaminants