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PQRY - City Multi Water Cooled

Capacity range
22.4kW 28kW 33.5kW 40kW 45kW 50kW 56kW

As a leading company in the industry, Mitsubishi Electric developed the HYBRID CITY MULTI as a top-of-the-line CITY MULTI system by using industry first technology. The HYBRID CITY MULTI is the industrys first system which uses refrigerant between the outdoor unit and the HBC (Hydro BC Controller), and water between the HBC and the indoor units. The HBC is the most unique part in this system and allows heat exchange between refrigerant and water

The CITY MULTI MR2 series provides all of the advantages of the R2 series with the added advantages of a water heat source system, making it suitable for wider range of applications in high rises, frigid climates, coastal areas, etc

HYBRID CITY MULTI is a system that uses both refrigerant and water, which was made possible by the development of the HBC. The refrigerant between the outdoor unit and the HBC, and water between the HBC and the indoor units produce comfortable air conditioning.

New water heat source unit (WR2) can be used in high rises, frigid climates, coastal areas, ect.

Achieved by a water system between the HBC and the indoor units, the water temperature is very stable all year round. The HYBRID CITY MULTI will supply milder off coil temperatures.

This is Mitsubishi Electrics unique 2-pipe heat recovery system, requiring less pipes than a 4-pipe heat recovery system. Also, this system does not need a pump, tank, and control panel
that are necessary for Chillers. A saving of natural resources in the entire system has been accomplished.

Provides air conditioning corresponding to various needs. With the 2-pipe system, direction of refrigerant flow will not reverse when the main mode changes. The compressor does not need to stop when the mode changes. This allows comfortable air conditioning during mild ambient conditions

Consumes less energy by heat recovery operation if cooling and heating operation are used at the same time. The more frequently cooling and heating simultaneous operation occurs, the higher the energy-saving effect becomes. Even higher efficiency operation is now possible by utilising the centralised control and the scheduled operation.

Less Installation Work
Achieved by the worlds first and only 2-pipe system that allows easier installation than a central AC system. A central AC system requires 2 heat sources (Chiller and Boiler) and 4 pipes to each fan coil unit. With this 2-pipe system, we have drastically reduced the number of piping connections compared to a standard VRF 3-pipe system. A smaller number of piping connections lead to an improvement in reliability and simpler piping installation. Also, brazing is not necessary if plastic water pipe is used between the HBC and the indoor units.

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PQRY - City Multi Water Cooled