PowerLine Ultra Series

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PowerLine Ultra Series

The PowerLine Ultra Series of In-Line Mixed-Flow Fans is designed for a wide range of duct mounted applications. They are most suitable in commercial and industrial applications where medium pressure is required. They are available in various speed options and 9 sizes, extending from 250 to 630mm diameter.

Typical Application

Commercial and industrial supply or exhaust air applications such as shopping centres, office buildings, exhibition centres, hotels, health centres, schools and universities.


  • Robust, yet lightweight galvanised steel construction.

  • Easy to fit 35mm TDF profile flange connections.

  • Choice of external rotor or standard direct-drive TEFC motors.

  • Large choice of speeds available.

  • Most 3-phase external rotor motors fitted are 2-speed star/delta design.

  • To improve energy efficiency, motors can be speed-controlled.

  • Can be mounted in any position.

  • A range of matched ancillaries is also available.

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PowerLine Ultra Series