PowerClean Auto Wash ESP for Kitchen Exhaust

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PowerClean Auto Wash ESP for Kitchen Exhaust

Powerclean commercial scale, auto-wash electronic precipitators (ESP) eliminate the offensive smoke, grease & cooking odour emissions produced by commercial kitchens.

PowerClean is a large scale or plant room type ESP with automatic cleaning used to control process generated airborne contaminants such as smoke, grease and cooking odours produced in commercial kitchens. Designed specifically for superior and dependable, continuous duty operation with minimal maintenance requirements and low operating costs, the PowerClean incorporates unparalleled innovations to become the most reliable and efficient new generation ESP system on the market.

Unlike typical automatic wash ESP systems, the new generation PowerClean includes the following key features:

Constant airflow resistance of Pa PowerClean maintains a constant and reliable air flow resistence that prevents unwanted fluctuations in the system air volume. The extremely low airflow resistance of <65Pa result in reduced fan Kw requirements and energy savings.

Reliable ionizer construction PowerClean utilises rugged ionizing electrodes made from rigid stainless steel that conducts a high frequency electronic charge. This sturdy construction is more reliable than the fragile ionizing wires or insulators used in less durable ionizer designs.

Permanent aluminium collection cells PowerCleans unique permanent collector cells are designed to last the lifetime of the system and save on maintenance costs because they never need to be replaced. A combination of deep cell design and highly conductive low gauge aluminium plates ensures high efficiency particle collection that is delivered instantly and continuously for superior performance with long service intervals.

Safe, reliable and fast recovery power supplies Downtime on power supplies renders the ESP cells ineffective. PowerCleans superior and robust electronics delivers reliable operation and split second recovery from momentary arcing due to heavily contaminated particles in the air stream.

Instant and constant specified efficiency PowerClean provides superior, dependable operation by delivering instant and constant specified efficiency particle collection from the moment the system initiates. A targeted, efficient airflow path directly into the collection cells eliminates by-pass to ensure the specified efficiency is achieved in a single pass.

Improved, built-in automatic cleaning and PLC controls PowerCleans integrated automatic cleaning system provides complete, effective wash-in-place cleaning and drying of all ionizer-collector cells, assuring optimum performance and maximum system reliability. A user friendly programmable logic control (PLC) initiates all system functions automatically at a predetermined schedule or with a manual push button.

Safety filter for peace of mind PowerClean includes a high efficiency safety filter as backup for your peace of mind.

Bonded carbon panel filters for odour control Optional bonded, activated carbon filters utilise large carbon volume for long life and assured odour removal, configured for low pressure drop to save energy.

Custom blower / motor packages Optional custom blower/motor and motor starter packages are tailored to meet the specific air volume and static resistance requirements of your site to ensure superior and dependable system performance.

Flexible system configurations PowerClean is available in side access units with left or right handed access doors for use with central handlers or as a stand alone fan powered unit. Standardly a factory assembled and packaged system, PowerClean can also be flat packed and assembled on-site for retrofit applications.

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PowerClean Auto Wash ESP for Kitchen Exhaust