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Mercury Mk3 Controllers

One of the most advanced and flexible controls available the new generation of Mercury Mk3 controllers build on the success of the Mercury Mk1 and Mk2. Increased analogue inputs, the addition of dedicated digital inputs and a built-in IP network interface make it a compact, more cost effective and easier to install option when you need to connect directly to an IP network.

The Mk3 offers flexible I/O options 10 inputs and 5 outputs, made up of 6 resistive Temperature probe inputs, 2 dedicated digital inputs and 1 x 0-10v and 1 x 4-20mA analogue inputs, and 5 relay outputs. All inputs or relay outputs come with plug-in socket for ease of installation.

The Mercury Mk 3 uses the latest microcontroller technology for greater processing power and memory capacity.

What applications can it be used for?
Refrigeration display cabinets or coldroom applications:
To Control the PWM EEV or LLV valve based on the temperature or pressure input values.
The control of lights, fans, suction valve, trim heaters and defrost control
Optional variable inputs allow for reading a pressure transducer, along with two additional digital inputs over and above the existing switched resistor digital inputs
Energy saving features including pulsed trim heaters or case off with lights parameter

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Mercury Mk3 Controllers