Intuitive TDB V2 Plant Controller

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Building automation

Intuitive TDB V2 Plant Controller

The flagship product in the Intuitive range, the Intuitive TDB Controller, is a fully-featured, high performance unit with an impressive variety of inputs and outputs. The controller is contained within an easy mount DIN enclosure and with flexible network and display options it can facilitate the most demanding HVACR (heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration) and BEMS (building energy management system) applications.

The Intuitive Plant Controller with Data Builder is a versatile device intended for user programming. Some example applications include HVAC, BMS and Refrigeration control. The Intuitive hardware consists of 8 probe inputs, 12 Digital Inputs, 8 Universal IO, 12 relay outputs (option to fuse), 4 Pulse width modulation (PWM) outputs along with the options of integral display and 2 stepper outputs. There is no intrinsic program, but all of the inputs and outputs are available for use with the on-board Data Builder program. 10 x Expansion cards can be connected via canbus providing 440 points.

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Intuitive TDB V2 Plant Controller