HEPA Containment Housings (BIBO / Non BIBO)

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Airborne containment systems

HEPA Containment Housings (BIBO / Non BIBO)

Camfil Airepure Fluid and Gasket Seal Bag In / Bag Out filter housings aid in the air filtration of toxic materials and potentially hazardous airborne particulates. In-place Efficiency Test Housings enable testing to ASME N510 standards when there are space restrictions or when isolation of a leaking filter is required. Custom Engineered Filtration Systems can be made to provide protection against chemical, biological, and radioactive warfare agents.

Inline HEPA containment exhaust filtration Bag-In / Bag-Out (BIBO) systems usually include bubble tight isolation dampers, decontamination / fumigation ports, a remote scan arrangement for testing and BIBO arrangements for filter change out.

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HEPA Containment Housings (BIBO / Non BIBO)