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Fire & smoke


FyreWrap is a foil-faced, fire protection wrap/blanket designed to provide fire rating to ducts, kitchen exhausts, fan enclosures, penetration seals, critical services and structural steel elements.

FyreWrap is the leading solution for passive fire protection for duct work in commercial buildings.

FyreWrap has undergone extensive testing to ensure it meets the highest quality in terms of environmental impact and health. Given the insulation material is a completely bio-soluble solution, FyreWrap has been Greenguard listed for microbial resistance.

Key benefits to installers, mechanical services contractors, primary contractors, architects, engineers and certifiers are:

Lightweight up to 5 times lighter than traditional fire spray
Clean use
Aesthetically pleasing
Clean and easy installation no mesh required
Possible off-site installation assisting in effective project co-ordination
No masking required
Quick and efficient construction
Simple repair tape up or replace section
Test for mould-resistance
Clear identification for fire certifying and auditing purposes
Vibration tolerant

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