Four Section Refrigeration Controller

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Four Section Refrigeration Controller

Built upon the foundation of the proven Intuitive Mercury platform, the Four Section Case Controller (PR0750/760FOUR 3P) software has been designed to accommodate upto 4 refrigeration case sections/cabinets. Each section has an individual air off probe, where the temperatures from the sections can be averaged or the highest temperature value taken to then control a Liquid Live Valve (LLV) or Compressor. The controller has 6 different variations to accommodate different display cases such as HT/LT piped, integrals and cold rooms. Utilising the Mercury Intuitive PR0750/PR0760 hardware means that the liquid line valve is operated using an electro-mechanical relay. It is not suitable for use with Electronic Expansion Valve (EEV) operations.

HT/LT piped case and coldroom control
Control up to four cases/section using a single liquid line valve or compressor
User configurable to control between 1 and 4 sections
Four air off probes, one per section
Four defrost termination probes, one per section
Each section generates its own Over Temperature/Under Temperature alarms
Defrost and Light scheduling
Available with or without remote display option
Available with or without on-board relay fusing
Flexible networking options
Cost-effective competitive product for 4 section refrigeration control
Simple and quick setup and operation
Built on proven, tried and tested, Mercury Intuitive hardware
Energy saving features built in

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Four Section Refrigeration Controller