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Clean rooms

Clean Room Duct ALPactive

In another first, ALPactive is a must for any clean room applications, the product uses a patented technology which has been tested by some of the most stringent testing authorities from around the globe, holding the prestigious HY certification out of Germany, it is the only duct system that meets the requirements as a ducting system for clean room requirements. Unmatched in its field, this product is now used throughout Europe in hospitals and other vital manufacturing process including, pharmaceutical, food manufacturers, high traffic areas (theatres), etc.
The product has been demonstrated to kill over 600 common pathogens including Fungi, Viruses and Bacterial.
The system includes all internal accessories and fasteners which are treated with the patented coating, it ha now become so renown that the technology is being used in AHU.
All ALP products are made of pure Aluminium which also make it Ideal for CRAC unit Facilities and Swimming Pool enviropments!

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Clean Room Duct ALPactive