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Building Services Consultancy Services

At ERBAS Engineers, we pride ourselves on making service our priority.
We are a multi-disciplinary consultancy, employing over 50 staff across our three offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Manila, offering services in the mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, wet and dry fire, vertical transportation (lift) and ESD sectors. The firm is structured to provide complete coordinated multi-services packages for any industry sector, project size and building type as required.
As an established international building services engineering consultancy the success of ERBAS Engineers over the last 21 years can been attributed to our acknowledgement, understanding, and addressing of each diverse clients needs. We endeavor to work closely with our project teams and clients in producing projects which illustrate innovation, sustainability and advancement in the industry.
Erbas Engineers have been commissioned to complete approximately 250 projects every year and over 7,500 separate projects/commissions to date.

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Building Services Consultancy Services