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Airepure Sea Salt Filters

Camfil Airepure offer a range of high efficiency filters that are suitable for use in make-up and return AHU applications in facilities located near oceans and in food processing applications where sea salt (airborne salt) is of concern, and will help to increase the life of your equipment by reducing the effects of corrosion due to salt.

Airepure Filters Suitable for Sea Salt Applications
F8 efficiency Airepure AireFlow-V
F8 (MERV 14) efficiency Airepure BLU Hybrid 100
F8 (MERV 14) efficiency Airepure BLU Hybrid 300

The Airepure Pure-V is also recommended as a pre-filter to these above mentioned filters for use in any sea salt application.

Available nationally.

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Airepure Sea Salt Filters