Airepure Pure-V Metal Framed V-Form Panel Filters

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Airepure Pure-V Metal Framed V-Form Panel Filters

Camfil Airepure Pure-V is a durable, metal framed, extended surface V-form air filter for commercial HVAC systems.

G4 rated to EN779, Pure-V filters were designed and developed to provide superior filtration efficiency, resistance, durability and strength compared to conventional metal V-form panel filters - making them perfect for outdoor air intakes especially within humid or tropical environments.

The Pure-V extended surface panel filters feature a secure structural binding of the filter media to the solid aluminium frame, which makes them the most reliable, durable and strongest V-Form filter in the market today, and fit for any demanding application.

Unlike conventional wire supported V-form media, the Pure-V media is rigid, self-supporting and 100% sealed into the outer frame (fully potted). This secure structural bonding of the filter media to the frame ensures a consistent pleat arrangement and eliminates the potential for air and contaminant bypass.

With over 40% more pleats per filter compared to standard V-form panel filters, the Pure-V filter offers greater surface area over pressure drop, greater dust and contaminant holding capacity and a longer filter life.

Furthermore, the absence of wire support eliminates the potential formation of rust and means safer handling for the installer.

Available efficiencies
G4 per EN779:2012

Available in nominal 50mm and 100mm depths. Available in standard sizes and custom sizes nationally.

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Airepure Pure-V Metal Framed V-Form Panel Filters