Airepure OGTR Compliant Insect Screens

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Airborne containment systems

Airepure OGTR Compliant Insect Screens

Camfil Airepure 250 micron, 316 Stainless Steel Mesh Insect Screen are built to satisfy OGTR Guidelines.

Stainless steel insect screens (commonly referred to as thrip screens) are used in HVAC systems to provide a barrier against the migration of insects either into or out of a controlled space.

Typically, stainless steel insect screens are used as a biosecurity measure in AQIS regulated facilities or laboratory spaces requiring physical containment or barrier protection against insects (specifically those that will burrow through existing filter media such as mites and thrips).

Typical applications for stainless steel insect screens may include quarantine facilities, insectariums, research laboratories and hospitals.

These insect screens are manufactured as standard using 250 micron, 316 stainless steel mesh and a 316 stainless steel holding frame. Additional holding frame material options include zinc sheet, powder coated zinc sheet or 304 stainless steel.

A synthetic insect screen for greenhouses and non-classified areas is also available. This can be fitted into a frame to suit the individual client requirements.

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Airepure OGTR Compliant Insect Screens