Airepure MultiPak Deep Bed Bag Filters

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Airepure MultiPak Deep Bed Bag Filters

Camfil Airepure MultiPak deep bed bag filters offer excellent dust holding capacities and reasonable pressure resistance, and are suitable for general purpose filtration applications.

All media types are moisture and fungal-resistant and will not shed fibres into the clean air stream. MultiPak F5 filter media is manufactured from bonded synthetic fibres, and in the case of the F7 media, an additional filter section is that is constructed from electrostatically charged polypropylene media is also included.

Standard mounting frames consist of an outer fame and inner basket assembly. An economical version is available consisting of a galvanised outer frame and a MultiPak bag and wire arrangement, which is a great option if youre after a pocket bag filter.

Available efficiencies:
F5 per EN779
F7 (MERV 13 per ASHRAE 52.2)

Available as standard full or half size, nationally.

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Airepure MultiPak Deep Bed Bag Filters