Airepure Kaire Unit Kitchen Exhaust Filtration System

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Airepure Kaire Unit Kitchen Exhaust Filtration System

Airepures Kaire Unit is a multi-staged, combination filtration system, (commonly referred to a multi-staged filter pack).

The Kaire Unit is designed and tailored to control kitchen exhaust emissions of all types of cooking applications except for solid fuel exhaust.

Designed to operate at 1.85m/s, the Airepure Kaire Unit utilises three stages of particle filtration and a final odour removal stage to deliver a minimum 0.3 micron particulate removal efficiency of 95% (EN1822.5:2009) and an initial contact efficiency of 99% with odours.

This system incorporates four stages of kitchen air filtration to control light to heavy smoke, grease and cooking odours.

The first three stages utilise industry standard mechanical filters to deliver particulate filtration with increasing efficiency at a minimal cost and the fourth stage uses activated carbon media to remove the odours.

Stage 1 Pre filtration stage targeting large grease particles: Airepure G4 Pure-V 100mm deep pleated panel filter with a hot melt seal into an aluminium outer frame which creates self-supporting rigid v-form pleats with no wire/mesh and no contaminant bypass.

Stage 2 Intermediate filtration stage targeting fine grease particles: Airepure F7 AirePak 380mm deep 8 pocket bags that are sonically sealed, moisture resistant and constructed with spun glass instead of synthetic media to improve performance and structural integrity against the rigours of kitchen exhaust.

Stage 3 Final filtration stage targeting smoke particles: Airepure E11 AireFlow-V 300mm deep mini-pleat filter that is 95% efficient at 0.3 micron as per EN1822.5:2009 standards. The AireFlow-V consists of moisture resistant micro glass fibre media in multiple mini-pleat V-banks. The mini pleat banks are bonded with an EVA hot melt adhesive to ABS plastic casing with a polyurethane sealant.

Stage 4 Odour control : Airepure PM18 450mm deep refillable modules filled with activated carbon media. There is a minimum of 35kg / 610mm x 610mm filter of activated carbon media providing an initial contact efficiency of 99% with odours when operated at 1.85m/s.

A Fantech integrated in-line fan maintains constant airflow volume via pressure sensor and pre-configured VSD. Perfectly matched to the Airepure Kaire Unit filtration system, this high performance, fully integrated in-line fan ensures effective air extraction, helps to reduce installation time and eliminates the need for separate fan selections.

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Airepure Kaire Unit Kitchen Exhaust Filtration System