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Airepure Focus Operating Theatre Ventilation Systems

In Hospital Operating Theatres, the need for controlled distribution of biologically clean air from an advanced ventilation system is of obvious importance. For environments that require the reduction of airborne bacteria, Camfil Airepure provide a range of Ultra Clean Operating Theatre Ceiling Systems to minimize the risk of hospital acquired infection via airborne routes, including:
-The Focus 1000 Laminar Operating Theatre Ventilation System
-The Focus 2000 Ultra Clean Ventilation (UCV) System for Operating Theatres
-The Focus 3000 Ultra Clean Ventilation (UCV) System for Operating Theatres
-Custom laminar air flow / UCV systems

The FOCUS Laminar and UVC range caters to a range of operating theatre requirements; from day surgeries and surgical rooms with less demanding airflow requirements through to orthopaedic and neuro-operating theatres where deep wound surgery is carried out and there is a high risk of hospital-acquired infection via airborne routes.

These hospital air filtration systems provide a superior air quality at the operating theatre table level compared to the conventional arrangement of individual terminal ceiling mounted HEPA filters.

All Camfil Airepure operating theatre ventilation systems are the result of extensive design research, CFD modelling and refinement from many years of successful installations. Airepure FOCUS Systems comply with the local Australian Council on Health Care Standards (ACHS) guidelines for air flow and velocity at the operating table level and international standards nominated in UK HTM-03 and European standard ISO/DIN 1946-4 (2008-12).

Cost savings are achieved by reducing onsite labour requirements with the provision of a factory built unit and construction that is quick to install on site, minimising the complex coordination required with traditional theatre ceiling systems. Available with the option for return air facilities and COI compliant, energy efficient perimeter LED lighting, the unique FOCUS Systems provide operational cost savings in addition to installation cost benefits.

With the extensive experience gained through a great diversity of theatre projects, the Airepure team can assist with the theatre ceiling planning and coordination with the theatre surgical lighting and medical gas and services pendants available from a variety of suppliers.

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Airepure Focus Operating Theatre Ventilation Systems