Airepure Filter & Filtration System Maintenance

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Airepure Filter & Filtration System Maintenance

Airepure provide the following maintenance services for air filtration systems:
- Filter supply and installation
- Filter upgrades
- Maintenance of existing filter bank systems
- Maintenance of existing Airepure air filtration systems; including HEPA and laminar flow systems, Focus operating theatre systems, airborne containment filtration systems, odour control systems, Kaire unit kitchen exhaust systems, PowerClean kitchen exhaust systems, Strobic Air dilution fans and any other custom Airepure air filtration systems.

Airepure also provide NATA accredited on site testing services:
-HEPA filter testing
-Clean room and workstation certification
-Air particle counting
-Biological safety cabinet and fume cupboard testing
-Bio-Hazard Cabinet Certification
-Laminar Flow / Class II / Class 1 / Isolators
-Particle Counting / Air Change Rates / Room Pressure Differentials / Fumigation

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Airepure Filter & Filtration System Maintenance