Airepure Custom Terminal HEPA Housings

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Airborne containment systems

Airepure Custom Terminal HEPA Housings

Camfil Airepure provide a range of terminally mounted HEPA housings and inline / in duct HEPA housings for supply and exhaust applications.

Standard off the shelf HEPA housings are available, including gel or channel seal (CS) ducted terminal ceiling modules, gasket seal (GSM) terminal ceiling modules, ceiling suspension type (CST) room side replacement modules, t-bar suspension type (TST) disposable ducted modules and HEPA AC-1 holding frames.

Custom designed HEPA housings for supply or exhaust applications are also available. Integrated HEPA housing options include adjustable room side dampers, insect micron screens and room side access panels.

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Airepure Custom Terminal HEPA Housings