Airepure AirePleat Cardboard Disposable Filters

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Airepure AirePleat Cardboard Disposable Filters

Camfil Airepure AirePleat are high capacity, cardboard framed, disposable pleated panel filters designed to provide sustained efficiency with a low pressure drop.

Airepure has selected Kimberly-Clark Pleat Filtration Media for the AirePleat range of air filter panels, which is 100% synthetic, so it will not absorb moisture or support microbial growth. It has a lower initial pressure drop than cotton-polyester and self-supporting pleat media which leads to energy savings during use.

Available efficiencies
G4 per EN779:2012
MERV 11 per ASHRAE 52.2 (F6)
MERV 13 per ASHRAE 52.2 (F7)

Available in nominal 25mm, 50mm and 100mm depths. Available in standard sizes and custom cut-downs nationally.

What are the Characteristics of a Quality Disposable Cardboard Pleated Air Filter?

Surface Area
Pleated air filters have a greater surface area and dust holding capacity, as compared to flat panel type filters. The higher the number of pleats, the larger the surface area it can contain. Ultimately, the higher surface area maximises the filtration capability of the pleated air filter and reduces the energy consumption.

Filter Media Quality
Synthetic filter media are resistant to moisture build up and ideal for preventing the proliferation of mould and mildew. Pleated air filters must be able to sustain a high-efficiency performance, with a relatively low-pressure drop, to be effective in air filtration, so premium quality media should be used.

Quality Cardboard Frame
Strong, durable cardboard frames should withstand the force of the air stream and support the filter media. Beverage board grade cardboards are resilient against water infiltration that can lead to premature structural deterioration. A stable housing module helps to achieve a longer service life. Poorly designed filters, can collapse prematurely, creating major problems for downstream equipment.

Quality Media Bonding
Pleated air filters should be safely and tightly bonded to the cardboard frame to prevent air bypass (where contaminants can escape through the small gaps on the sides of the filters).

The combination of all of these design considerations helps to achieve an appropriate airflow static and load capacity that maximises energy efficiency, change out periods of disposable filters and loading.

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Airepure AirePleat Cardboard Disposable Filters