Airepure AireFlow-VC Carbon Filter for Odours

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Airepure AireFlow-VC Carbon Filter for Odours

The Camfil Airepure AireFlow-VC is a durable, high performance activated carbon mini-pleat air filter for high velocity, commercial HVAC systems.

Designed to withstand the rigours of turbulent airflow, AireFlow-VC filters provide effective removal of contaminant gases and odours; such as car exhaust and diesel fumes, hydrocarbons and VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

The unique V-bank, honeycomb grid design of the Airepure AireFlow-VC filters ensure high media content with increased carbon adsorption filter capacity, extended overall lifetimes and a low pressure drop.

Ensuring efficient removal of odour with minimal airflow resistance, AireFlow-VC is ideal for use in supply or fresh air intakes near loading docks or buildings adjacent to low level or horizontal kitchen exhaust discharge.

Designed to fit into all commonly sized filter frames and housings, the Airepure AireFlow-VC is easy to install and is the perfect carbon filter to have on hand to combat any unexpected or recurring odour problem.

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Airepure AireFlow-VC Carbon Filter for Odours