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Windsor Engineering Group

Engineering excellence. 

We understand your industrial air, drying, energy and environmental control systems are mission critical. 
Whether you require bespoke, turnkey solutions or expert maintenance, reliability is crucial. You need to trust your equipment and know you can absolutely depend on your partner. Meeting these needs is at the heart of what we do.

Windsor works with clients throughout Australia, New Zealand, the USA and further afield. 
Each project has unique requirements. As a full-service, specialist engineering and manufacturing group, we really understand these needs and that delivering the right tailored solution is vital. 

Solutions you can count on.
We design, build and maintain mission critical equipment. 

Our combined story began in New Zealand in 1953. 

We earned our reputation building air filtration systems, industrial fans, cooling towers, air pollution control equipment, timber drying kilns, heat exchangers, coils, acoustic silencers, and industrial combustion engineering projects. 

Now with over 160 staff and a huge range of products and services, weve still got the same dedication to high-quality manufacture. 

As we've grown, Windsor Engineering Group (Windsor) has proudly welcomed incredible skill and experience in the form of: 

  • Auckland based IPSCO (founded in 1965) Air filtration, gas phase filtration & odour control, HEPA filtration for hospitals & industry, industrial fans, cooling towers, pollution control, combustion products & services, expanded metals, servicing
  • Wellington based Windsor (founded in 1975) Heat recovery, timber drying kilns, noise control, industrial servicing
  • Christchurch based CFS (founded in 1996) air filtration, servicing
  • Crossle Coils (founded in 1955) Melbourne Australia heat exchangers, coils
  • Windsor Energy (founded in 1953) NZ wide boilers, air heaters, boiler servicing
  • Windsor Filtration Australia (2020) Australia industrial air filtration, gas phase filtration & odour control. 

As one team under the Windsor name, were all committed to the values of taking ownership, working together, and creating the right solutions. 

Together we've built and serviced projects across Australasia, North America and the Pacific. 
We're always developing more efficient technology for these markets. 

All our customers have unique requirements, were ready for yours.

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