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Ascon-Technologic GfG (Gesellschaft fur Geratebeu) Hansen Technologies Corporation Hermetic Pumpen RFF (Le Robinet Frigorifique Francais) Siccom
Supplier of specialist industrial and commercial refrigeration products.
Representing manufacturers

HANSEN, RFF (Robinet), Hermetic-Pumpen, GfG (Gessellschaft fur Geratebau), ASCON-TECNOLOGIC, SICCOM and TATTLE  

Products include ammonia-refrigerated automatic air and water removal purgers, solenoid valves, pressure regulators, sealed motor valves, level controls, sensors, and probes. Steel hand/isolation/regulating valves, check, stop/check, oil drain, and ball valves.  

Hermetic sealed centrifugal refrigeration pumps, gas detection and controls, electronic programmable PID panel mount controllers, on/off and analogue (input/output). Relief Vent Indicators, Pressure Relief Valves

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