Vilair AAF (Australian Air Filtration)

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2 Bonz Place (enter premises via Prime Drive)
Seven Hills
NSW 2147

Phone: 02 8811 3723
Fax: 02 8811 3799

Vilair AAF (Australian Air Filtration)

Vilair-AAF is 100% Australian owned and operated. 
Vilair-AAF is a specialised supplier of air filtration, contamination control and clean room systems. 
Vilair-AAF are the supplier of the Vilair product range and Gelaire laminar flow, cytotoxic and biological safety cabinets. 

Brands include:
  • AirQuality kitchen exhaust electrostatic precipitators
  • AirQuality micro-electrostatic series products
  • Integra-Flow HEPA and ULPA filters
  • ATI laboratory equipment
  • AAF International filters
  • Airguard filter products.
Cleanroom equipment includes pass through hatches, air showers, laminar flow enclosures and terminal HEPA/ULPA modules. Containment systems including BIBO and non BIBO housings. Pollution control products include gas phase and wet or dry collectors.

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Vilair AAF (Australian Air Filtration)