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Level 32, 101 Miller Street
North Sydney
NSW 2060

Phone: 61 2 8923 2551

TROX Australia Pty Ltd

Founded in 1951, TROX Technik, with its vast base of knowledge, experience, resources, and ongoing research, produces sophisticated engineering solutions in distinct areas of expertise.  

These include ranges of:
  • Supply air ceiling, wall and floor grilles, ceiling and floor swirl diffusers, slot diffusers, and jet nozzles
  • Passive, active and multi-service chilled beams and chilled ceilings
  • Underfloor induction units
  • Volume control, pressure relief, and balancing dampers
  • Commercial fire and smoke as well as underground tunnel and marine ventilation dampers
  • Single and constant flow, as well as series and parallel fan assisted variable air volume (VAV) boxes
  • Rectangular and circular sound attenuators, louvres, sand trap louvres, and acoustic louvres
  • Laboratory control systems, fans, and air handling units.  

All technical information, as well as the latest version of the Easy Product Finder, are available from our website.  

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TROX Australia Pty Ltd