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Trafalgar is a proudly Australian-owned manufacturer and distributor of passive fire protection products and safe storage solutions.    

Offering a true one-stop-shop for any fire stopping application, Trafalgar's locally designed and manufactured range of fire containment products are complemented by unique, carefully sourced, high-performance products.

Trafalgar also manufacture a full range of metal and fire-rated access panels, dangerous goods cabinets and Store-Safe Site, Ute and Vehicle Storage Boxes.   

'Fyre' Fire Stopping Range
  • Fyrebox - Multi-service transit box for protection of services
  • FyreWrap - foil-faced, fire protection wrap for ducts
  • FyreFlex Fire Rated Sealant
  • FyrePex Intumescent Sealant
  • FyreSet Fire Rated Mortar
  • FyrePlug Fire Rated Pillows
  • FyreHat Downlight covers
  • Fyrechoke Fire collars
  • Fire Rated Boards
  • Fire Door Hardware 
  • Fire Rated Access Panels
Access Panels
  • Duct Access 
  • Fire Rated
  • Acoustic 
  • Metal, Stainless Steel, Customwood/MDF
  • Tileable
  • Specialty
Safe Storage
  • Dangerous Goods Cabinets and Stores
  • Aerosol, Gas and Forklift Cages
  • Site, Ute and Vehicle Tool & Equipment Boxes
  • Security Cabinets & Stores
  • Fire Equipment & Emergency Information Storage

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