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Thinktech Pty Ltd

BMCS / HVAC Industry Training 

thinktech - Providing knowledge and enhancing capabilities of current and future generations of engineers.

As the Commercial property, BMCS and HVAC industries experience exponential growth in the connected environment through the IOT, data analytics, integration and control efficiency, the requirement for skills and knowledge within the industry is essential.

Our goal is to educate future generations of engineers and ensure that their enhanced capabilities benefit your organisation.

We work closely with all our clients and pride ourselves in excellence and continuous improvement.

We can provide flexible training options in terms of location and course timetables.

All members of our team come with many years of HVAC and BMCS engineering and business experience and are considered experts in their fields. We believe that only through genuine commitment to training can we create a truly unique learning experience and satisfaction for our customers.

thinktech conducts courses in most major cities throughout Australia and Asia Pacific Region. All venues are selected to provide a quality learning environment and student amenities. Locations are selected for ease of access and convenience of accommodation options. Our team can also assist in your travel and accommodation arrangements.

Refer to website for full list of courses, including:

  • HVAC and BMCS Courses
  • Niagara 4 Certified Courses
  • Niagara 4 End User Courses

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