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Thermobreak By Sekisui

Thermobreak was developed in Australia over 30 years ago and is still manufactured here at our state-of-the-art facility in Sydney, using Sekisuis proprietary physically crosslinked closed-cell polyolefin foam technology. Thermobreak is widely recognised as the global leader in polyolefin insulation products. With a lower thermal conductivity than any other flexible cellular insulation material and almost zero vapour permeability, Thermobreak provides superior energy-saving performance, fast and straightforward installation, and trouble-free operation in a variety of environments.

Why choose Thermobreak
Thermobreak is the leading and most innovative polyolefin foam thermal insulation available to the HVAC and building industry worldwide. Thermobreaks performance is unsurpassed.
> Technically superior very low thermal conductivity and negligible water vapour permeance
> Manufactured in Australia
> Third party certified and tested (including Codemark)
> Delivers significant energy savings
> Quality materials engineered to last
> Compliant to major fire, smoke and performance standards
> Proven reliability for over 30 years
> Fast and efficient to install and easy to cut with conventional equipment
> Manufactured to internationally accepted standards of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001

The Thermobreak Range
Tested and proven in a variety of climatic conditions and applications, the Thermobreak range includes the following products and more.
> Duct insulation
> Preformed pipe insulation
> Acoustic insulation
> External insulation for outdoor use
> Transit vehicle insulation
> Marine insulation

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Thermobreak By Sekisui

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