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Phone: 08 8297 7077
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Web: www.t-tec.com.au

Temperature measurement & monitoring.

Temperature Technology manufacture and import a selected range of instruments for measuring and monitoring of temperature and related physical quantities, pH, mA, RH.

These include thermometers, dataloggers, circular chart recorders and refrigerated vehicle (for trucks and vans) recorders with printing ability.

Our selection criteria include price, accuracy, resolution, usability and durability, based on more than 70 years combined experience with temperature measurement and monitoring.

Among our customers are:
  • Bloodbanks for use on blood storage cabinets
  • Hospitals for use in pharmacy and kitchen cool rooms
  • Commercial Cold Stores for chillers and freezers
  • Refrigeration Contractors to balance and diagnose systems
  • Freight Forwarders to check airline performance
  • Shippers of perishable produce to ensure product quality
  • Universities for research
  • Farmers and Growers for testing of growing conditions for products and produce.
  • OEM users for inclusion in other products.
For more information email: sales@t-tec.com.au

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Temperature Technology