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Air Conditioning


TECO - Driving and Connecting Globally For a company that made it's humble entry into the industrial sector in 1956 as an electric motor manufacturer.

TECO has grown exponentially to emerge as a major recognisable force on the world stage. Today, the TECO Group of Companies comprises a diverse range of six major sectors, 

  • Industrial Product and System Sector: Low & high voltage motors, Mechatronic Components, Power Electric & System Control, Infrastructure Projects.
  • Consumer Appliance and Service Sector: Air Conditioners, Household Appliances Kitchen & Laundry, LCD Televisions, Hospitality Restaurants.
  • IT and Optronics Product Sector: Nanotechnology, Optronics, Creative Sensor, Image Systems.
  • Telecommunications and Service Sector: Mobile/Voice/Data Communications, Broadband Wireless and Opto-Electronics Technology.
  • Information System
TECO Air Conditioning Division utilises production facilities in Taiwan and China to source products for Domestic and Commercial end users supplied from Branches, covering all states, through a network of retail stores, AC wholesalers and Air Conditioning Specialists as well as Trade Distributors.

  • Room Air Conditioners portable, window/wall type & wall mounted single split systems         
    Light Commercial Air Conditioners wall mounted single & multi split systems, ducted and cassette type systems
TECO provides you with the strength of a global brand. Comfort you can rely on.

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