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Located in South East Queensland, SuperCool Group is considered one of Australasia's most knowledgeable and passionate teams in the understanding and study of the physical properties of heat, energy and thermal efficiencies.   

The company's flagship facility, SuperTest, is Australasia's only purpose-built facility that can simulate real-world temperature and humidity conditions for the accurate and scientific analysis of HVAC&R systems.   

SuperTest's largest chamber is big enough to accommodate Australia's biggest road-registered vehicle (up to 26 metres long). A full-size refrigerated trailer or a double-decker bus easily fits.   

Another two chambers easily accommodate mobile and stationary equipment such as condensing units, evaporators, condensers and can even be used for scientific food reviews based on thermal changes.   

The controlled temperature in each insulated SuperTest environmental chamber can range from 0 degrees C to 55 degrees C with 40% to 98% relative humidity in a steady state, regardless of outside conditions.   

Advanced Ahlborn data acquisition hardware and software, along with Flir thermal imaging cameras, Eltrek data loggers and WinControl operating software ensure that test results from the tightly controlled conditions are collected and analysed to a high standard.   

SuperTest can:
  • Determine K Value (temperature leakage) and R Value (thermal resistance) 
  • Conduct performance, capacity, durability, validation and thermal efficiency testing
  • Use advanced thermal imagery to pinpoint heat leakages 
  • Calibrate your monitoring equipment 
  • Measure the effects of packaging, wrapping and stacking of products in the cold chain   
  • Help refine your cold chain processes 
  • Provide consultancy, training and maintenance support   
Temperature-critical industries served by SuperTest include:
  • Food and perishable goods
  • Pharmaceuticals and medical supplies
  • Information technology systems
  • Passenger comfort
  • Agriculture.

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