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Steril-Aire are the pioneers and world leaders in UVC technology for HVAC and refrigeration.

Independently tested and endorsed germicidal lamps for HVAC&R equipment to improve indoor air quality (IAQ), restore system capacity, save energy, and reduce maintenance.  

We also provide solutions for the elimination of mould, bacteria and other contaminants in commercial buildings, schools, healthcare facilities (pandemic control and hospital acquired infections), hotels, food processing plants, and residential applications.
  • Specifically Designed & Engineered UVC technology for HVAC&R
  • Highest Industry Performance in Cold Moving Air
  • Australian Independent Certified Measurement & Verification
  • Clinically Validated & Successful Government Audited Trials
  • Australian/NZ Electrical Safety Certification
  • Superior IAQ resulting in levels of Pandemic & HAI Protection, reduction in Sickness & Absenteeism
  • Any Air Conditioning or Refrigeration Coil, Kitchen Exhaust Systems, Water Systems, Air & Surface Microbial Control
  • Steril-Aire can provide the correct UVC energy field for the best results. Steril-Aires SmartTool configuration program builds a design for your system that best addresses the needs for a science based UVC solution to the problems of airborne viruses.
Real Results!! -  Perpetually Clean Coils Better Heat Transfer Efficiency

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