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Smartair Diffusion

Smartair Diffusion designs, develops, manufactures and distributes specialist HVAC air diffusion products.

Key products span high induction diffusers, including electronic VAV swirl diffusers and diffusers with adjustable discharge direction (manual, thermal and electric), as well as floor swirl diffusers and displacement products for offices, auditoria and large volume spaces.  

Our premium brand, Smartemp, is developed in-house in our Sydney R&D centre, and is manufactured in our Smartemp factory in China. Project references include the Sydney Opera House, the V&A Museum in Scotland, the HQ in Amsterdam, and the BBC in Cardiff, Wales.

International patent applications have been filed for many Smartemp products, including:

  • the Vari-Swirl, which is the world's highest capacity electronic VAV swirl diffuser. Its low profile design includes reconfigurable airflow authority settings down to 20% of the highest airflow setting - offering flexibility to building changes - and pressure independent turndown to just 6 L/s, as well as full shut-off. Low Flow Throw Boost enhances discharge velocity when throttled to maintain turn-down coverage;
  • the world's only floor swirl diffuser with user-adjustability of airflow rate, air motion and air direction (this maximises user personalisation);  
  • the world's highest capacity swirl diffuser (motorised discharge direction adjustment makes this suitable for large halls and distribution centres even where heating is required); and
  • a range of high induction, high comfort side-blow diffusers (ideal for hotel rooms, restaurants and offices).

Smartemp support centres are located in Australia, Germany and China. These provide sales and technical support to our agents throughout Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.

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Smartair Diffusion

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