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Smartair Diffusion

Smartair Diffusion - a Smartemp Group company - designs, develops, manufactures and distributes specialist HVAC air diffusion products spanning high induction, adjustable direction, variable airflow and displacement solutions.  

Smartemp branded products, developed in our R&D laboratory in Sydney, are the leading edge. International patent applications include:  

  • The Helical Vari-Swirl diffuser is the industry's only electronic VAV diffuser with integrated IAQ sensors. In addition to Troom, Tsupply, and Pstatic sensors built-in as standard, providing precise airflow and temperature control for personalised comfort, IAQ sensors (CO2+RH or VOC) and a PIR sensor (occupancy) may be plugged into the diffuser hub to enhance indoor air quality and tighten temperature control, when required. It is also the industry's only low profile, side-entry and scalable VAV diffuser due to its unique, low-pressure loss and compact cyclone swirl damper, which boasts a five-fold adjustable design airflow rate range of 40 L/s to 220 L/s, with turndown to 15% from any design airflow rate within that range. The horizontal discharge pattern is adjustable, too (360, 270, 180 or 2x90). The Helical Vari-Swirl diffuser may truly be varied in almost every way, making it the most adaptable diffuser on the market, perfect for both base-building design and fit-out changes.
  • The world's only floor swirl diffuser with user-adjustable airflow, air motion, and the air direction to maximise personalisation.
  • The world's highest capacity swirl diffuser. Motorised discharge direction ensures draught-free cooling and effective heating in large halls and distribution centres.
  • High-comfort side-blow diffusers for hotels, restaurants and offices.    

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