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Phone: 03 9555 9777
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Shapeair is an Australian company with offices in Melbourne and Brisbane, specialising in the supply, design and engineering of air movement products, including grilles, diffusers, louvres, security grilles, volume control dampers, fire and intumescent dampers, CAV's and VAV's.  

The Shapeair team have an extensive network of contacts and qualifications, with an excellent record of providing high quality and professional solutions within the following areas:     
- Sales      
- Design      
- Engineering      
- Project management      
- Product supply  

Providing our customers and clients with a partner that works with them, we dedicate the time and resources required to understand and successfully deliver the most desirable results.  

The Shapeair team understand the technical qualifications, have the expertise to satisfy customers requirements - and consistently exceed delivery requirements.  

Our team of qualified engineers are committed to research and development, innovation and technology. Utilising Shapeair Select, our cloud-based selection and resource centre, and our in-house testing and training facility, we are always available to provide customised solutions, training and presentations for our customers and clients.

Air engineered  

Shapeair - Melbourne
t:   03 9555 9777
f:   03 9585 5900

Shapeair - Brisbane

t:   07 3102 1212
f:   07 3112 6116

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