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41-43 Governor Macquarie Drive
Chipping Norton
NSW 2170

Phone: 02 9724 9297
Fax: 02 9724 9265
Web: www.qualityairequipment.com.au

Quality Air Equipment Pty Ltd

Quality Air Equipment (QAE) is recognised as a major manufacturer and distributor of the best quality air diffusion products in Australia. We manufacture and stock an extensive range of HVAC products for both domestic and commercial applications with best lead times in the industry. 

In just 20 years the company has emerged as an internationally acclaimed business awarded ISO 9001 certification and an exclusive distributor of TROX in Australia
. Today, QAE with staff of over 100 people, services the entire nation as well as Asia with branches located in NSW, WA and in China. The past 20 years have reinforced the path that guides us today and helps us to continually deliver the highest quality products at competitive prices.  We also strive to ensure that our customers orders and requirements are consistently met on time, every time.

QAE brands

 - QAE manufactures an extensive range of custom-made air distribution products including Diffusers, Grilles, Louvres, Registers and Dampers under our QPRO brand.

 - QAE stocks an extensive range of quality products in both QAE NSW and QAE WA warehouses under our Qline brand. These include Diffusers, Grilles, Registers, Louvres, Dampers, Fans and Accessories as well as sheet metal boxes.

 - QAE offers a wide range of highest quality flexible ducting with reinforced outer sleeve under our SUPAFLEX brand suitable for all domestic and commercial building applications.

Trusted brands distributed by QAE:

 - QAE is proud to be an Exclusive Distributor of the world renowned TROX range of products in Australia. QAE stocks an extensive range of TROX products in our warehouse facilities located in Chipping Norton (NSW) and Belmont (WA).

 - QAE is proud to be a partner and distributor of ALP in Australia. ALP is the pioneer of high-end light weight duct technology (LWDT).

- QAE is proud to be a partner and distributor of ECODUCT - an environmentally friendly low-profile duct system that is specifically designed for high-rise apartment applications.

Contact details NSW:
41-43 Governor Macquarie Drive,
Chipping Norton NSW 2170
Email: sales@qualityair.com.au

Contact details WA:

20 Fisher Street,
Belmont WA 6104
Email: saleswa@qualityair.com.au
Web: www.qualityairequipment.com.au

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