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Precision Paper Coatings

PPC are Australia's only producer of adhesive tapes and in 2020 will be celebrating 50 years of Australian manufacturing.  

We are the trusted name when it comes to the supply of HVAC adhesive tapes and accessory products.

Our foil tapes are not only used around Australia, they are exported to New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, India and the Islands throughout the South Pacific.  

Our tapes are sold by industry leaders like CSR Bradford, Fletcher Insulation, Kingspan Insulation.  

Our HVAC product range includes:  
  • Foam Sealant Tapes TDF Flange sealing foam tapes in various widths made to be compliant to AS:4254.2  2012. PPC invented linerless TDF foam tape which saves our customers time no liner paper to remove, no liner paper clean up or dispose of. 
  • Duct Protection Film: Protecting new rigid duct while transporting from factory floor to installation our duct protection film comes in a range of widths up to 1500mm wide. This ensures the duct remains clean and free from dust, insects and other contaminates during this time.   
  • Foil Tapes: Pure aluminium foil tape and reinforced hand tearable foil tape in silver, black and white. Foil tapes are generally used to form a vapour seal on foil faced insulation material. All compliant with AS:4254.2 2012.   
  • Flexible Ductwork Products: PVC Duct tapes in silver/grey, black and white. Flex duct hanging/support systems. Nylon cable ties. All compliant to AS:4254.1 2012.  
  • Miscellaneous tapes: 50mm x 3mm Nitrile foam pipe insulation tape. 50mm x 3mm Black Bitumen cork insulation tape.
PPC invests heavily in R&D development so that we can access the best technologies and processes to deliver world class products for Australian and export markets.

PPC A wholly Australian owned enterprise Internationally Competitive.

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Precision Paper Coatings