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Oventrop Australia

Oventrop Australia

We are the partner for efficient heating, cooling and hygienic potable water. Our modular systems and services offer pioneering solutions which all HVAC and hydraulics experts use to work with easily and flexibly from planning to installation, from industry to trade. As a family business, we accompany all our partners over many years - competently and personally.

OV-Assist hydronic and hydraulic system engineering design, calculations, and commissioning assistance services.

We provide local support for:
  •      Pump head loss calculations and complete system schematics
  •      Precise engineering design and product selections
  •      Surface heating & cooling design and supply
  •      Site commissioning assistance and training
  •      Site system retrofit evaluation services
  •      Hygienic fresh water stations for potable hot water supply, with gas or heat pump technologies for HVAC  contractors

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Oventrop Australia

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