Mechanical Air Supplies

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Mechanical Air Supplies
Distributor of HVAC&R units and equipment used in mechanical services design with a quality range including-

  • Air-cooled units (economy cycle and customised unit as optional)
  • Inverters/Fixed speed rooftop package unit
  • Inverter/Fixed speed ducted split-unit water cooled unit
  • Inverter/Fixed speed package unit
  • Inverter/Fixed speed split-unit chilled water units with Eurovent Certificate
  • AHU and FCU
  • ERVs pool packaged system 3 in 1 System
  • Dehumidifier
  • Air heating and cooling
  • Pool water heating chillers
  • Air cooled units
  • Oil-free inverters
  • Modular - wide application range water cooled units
  • Condenser-less units
  • Large screw compressors units
  • Computer room air conditioners
  • Air and water-cooled units
  • Chilled water units
  • Cooling towers
  • Open units and enclosed units
  • Plume abatement units
  • Counter flow units.

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Mechanical Air Supplies