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Head office: 12 Royan Place
Bayswater North
VIC 3153

Phone: 1300 306 002

Laf technologies

Controlled Environment Solutions  

LAF technologies is one of Australia's leading suppliers of equipment and services into the Life Sciences, HVAC and IAQ monitoring sectors.  

Dedicated sales and system specialists, together with qualified technical engineers, provide for our total product supply and service backed solutions.  

At LAF tech we support, service and validate our technical solutions. We are totally committed to continuous improvement with our key drivers being deliverable quality backed by complete customer support.  

Our range of solutions include the following fields:
  • Controlled Environmental Equipment
  • Scientific & Particle Measurement
  • Clean Room Monitoring Systems
  • Laboratory Instrumentation
  • Indoor Air Quality Monitoring
  • H2O2 Bio-Decontamination
  • Filter testing and associated instrumentation
  • UVC disinfection.

The advantages of LAF technologies provides:
  • Established 1987, more than 34 years of industry experience to reference
  • Proven and reliable equipment from leading international manufacturers
  • NATA accredited Mechanical test and certification services
  • NATA accredited Calibration Laboratory
  • Validation and Training services
  • Nationwide coverage.

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Laf technologies