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Independent Air Conditioning Solutions

Independent Air Conditioning Solutions (IACS) markets and distributes a broad range of residential and commercial air conditioning and air handling systems and provides unique application solutions to the air conditioning industry across Australia.

IACS have been operating in Australia for over 17 years starting with our Head Office in Brisbane and expanding to Perth, Sydney and Melbourne.

We are a fully owned and operated Australian enterprise, who's focus is to assist our continually growing customer base with the sales and technical support of the quality brands we have partnered. 


From its humble beginnings in 1968, Midea MDV Group has developed into a large corporation, covering not only the HVAC industry, but also consumer appliances, lighting, industrial components, logistics and real estate. With operations around the world, Midea MDV units are supplied to more than 180 countries across the world. More than 40 years of persistent growth has brought its total revenue to US$40.5 billion. Consequently, Midea MDV Group has over 150,000 employees in China and throughout the world.

Midea MDV believes in creating value through responding rapidly to market demands, cost-effective operations and consumer satisfaction. As a result Midea MDV wields a comprehensive product portfolio and has a vast production capacity to meet these demands. Midea MDV's integrated research and manufacturing process helps serve its global customer base through a distinct range of innovative yet affordable products.

Today, Midea MDV is a leading brand in China and a rising giant around the world. The company continues to globalise its operations with production bases in Vietnam, Belarus, Egypt, Brazil, Argentina and India. 
  • 200 plus companies and 15 manufacturing bases worldwide
  • 307th ranking in the Fortune Global 500.
Saiver was founded in 1959 and has been manufacturing high quality, custom made air handling equipment for well over half a century. The series A1 air handling system is the culmination of experience over these years, together with the continuing improvement through research and development which along with superior quality has been recognised worldwide, including the certification of EUROVENT.

Saiver AHU'S incorporate finely tuned engineering along with cost effective design and includes quality corrosion resistant materials. The design methods and quality of the components used ensure optimum performance, longevity and reliability.

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