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IMTS Machinery

IMTS Machinery consists of a team of specialist personnel committed to the sheet metal manufacturing industries.  

Our head office is based in Melbourne where we have service technicians, spare parts stock and our sales team. In addition to this, we also have highly skilled service technicians based in Sydney.  

Established in 1994, IMTS Machinery has grown to be a leading supplier of world-class industrial sheet metal machine tools from Prima Power.

Machinery we can offer your company includes:
  • Automated Panel Benders
  • Turret Punching Systems
  • Shear / Turret Combination Systems
  • Laser / Turret Combination Systems
  • Servo Electric Press Brakes
  • Complete FMS Systems for 24/7 Lights Out Production
  • All machines are based on servo-electric technology, helping to achieve huge savings on power usage.  
If your business is making products from sheet metal, IMTS Machinery will have the right machine for the job!  

Call us and have a chat to our highly knowledgeable sales team about how we can help your business produce your products with high productivity, reduced costs and superior quality.

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