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Hydroflow Distributors Australia

Hydroflow Distributors is an importer, wholesaler, and distributor specialising in products for water and gas. We service the Australian and New Zealand HVAC, plumbing, fire and civil markets.  

We add value to customers by providing advanced technical knowledge and sourcing innovative products that save time/money, improve efficiency/effectiveness, or reduce energy consumption as we move toward a greener world.  

Headquartered in Melbourne, we have 3,000 sqm of warehouse space and a significant hardstand yard for large-bore pipe storage and unloading containers. We also utilise third-party logistics (3PL) in Perth, which ensures we can service 95% of the country within 48 hours.  

In Australia, Hydroflow employs close to thirty staff. Our Melbourne-based Technical Support and Customer Care teams provide national support for our experienced squad of nine BDMs, our partners and merchants, contractors, customers and end-users.  

With leading brands, such as IMI Hydronic Engineering (formerly Tour & Andersson/TA), PAM Building (Saint Gobain), Victaulic, Fernco, Tectite (Peglar Yorkshire), and our range of Hydroflow general service valves for HVAC and mechanical plumbing, we relish the opportunity to supply your next project.

For more information: sales@hydroflowaus.com.au

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Hydroflow Distributors Australia