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Holyoake, the supplier of choice for more than 60 years in air diffusion, fire protection, volume control, VAV terminals and architectural louvre systems.

The company support these services across Australian and New Zealand with local manufacturing.   

At Holyoake what sets us apart is our investment in people. People are the key to our success in business. We are the best people to do business with. At Holyoake we back our people with the resource to overcome those challenges required to succeed.

This philosophy is in evidence with training and laboratory facilities throughout the Holyoake operations. Holyoake has research, development and training facilities in Auckland, Wellington, Queensland, Sydney, Melbourne & Adelaide. Each Holyoake operation complies with local and international standards.

Knowledge and experience is valued at Holyoake and this is why the company boasts an innumerable number of long term employees, from the shop floor to senior management. A core value of Holyoakes is the continued investment in staff, with in-depth training of our products and processes.

From the simplest product demonstration, to detailed and exacting IEQ performance evaluations HolyoakeLABS has the facilities and staff expertise to provide a wide variety testing and performance services to our clients and customers. HolyoakeLABS is uniquely positioned in the market and offers such services as:
  • Air Diffusion Performance Testing
  • CFD Analysis
  • ADPI Evaluations (Air Diffusion Performance index)
  • Building IEQ Analysis (Indoor Environmental Quality)
  • Ventilation Effectiveness
  • Acoustic Analysis
HolyoakeLABS are positioned throughout Australia and New Zealand and each offers a comprehensive skill sets in the evaluation and performance testing of our product range. 

At HolyoakeLABS we use a combination of CFD analysis and physical airflow performance testing to develop and evaluate our product range.These facilities and services are available to our clients and customers and are suitable for individual product evaluation or project specific mock-up simulation testing. 

The Krantz product range is now available across Australia and New Zealand exclusively through your local Holyoake office.   

Krantz offers a wide range of unique air diffusion solutions, comfort technology, air filtration and control. Air diffusers, chilled beams, chilled ceilings, micro-climate, UFAD solutions, and Industrial.   

HolyoakeLABS at your nearest Holyoake office.

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