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High Technology Control

High Technology Control (HTC) has been supplying the HVAC segment for almost 20 years with quality products and exceptional levels of customer service.  

As an ABB Authorised Value Provider we stock and support the ABB HVAC variable speed drive now an industry standard. We also supply and maintain the ABB flow meter range, control and protection products, soft-starters, power factor correction equipment, motors and EMC isolators. Our team can assist with your power quality issues by providing Harmonic mitigation via the ABB PQF range of active harmonic filters.

Our service and support levels can also be extended to all your Precision Cooling requirements. As the authorised Schneider partner for critical cooling we offer the Uniflair and APC range of products including CRAC units, Chillers and InRow cooling. Our team can assist from design, compliance and selection right through to commissioning and service.

In addition to the ABB and Schneider range of products we also offer a range of other products and services to support the HVAC market including a complete range of sensors for all your building needs.   

For more information: hightech@hightech.com.au

  •  Sydney: Ph: 61 2 9771 4088   
  •  Melbourne: Ph: 61 3 8376 6254   
  •  Adelaide: Ph: 61 8 6102 2689   
  •  Brisbane: Ph: 61 7 3102 2709   
  •  Perth: Ph: 61 8 6102 2689   
  •  TAS: Ph: 61 3 8376 6254.

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High Technology Control