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25 Tullamarine Park Road
VIC 3043

Phone: 03 9286 4222
Web: www.henry-group.net

Our aim is to be the most advanced manufacturing company, of any size, on the planet.

In the construction industry, intelligent manufacturing brings a level of value and advantage never experienced, only imagined.

Already Living in The Future Our competitors talk about smart manufacturing. Were installing it.

Right now, our engineers are completing the first phase of an intelligent manufacturing platform that interacts seamlessly between machines, between machines and people, and at all points in the manufacturing process.

Our factory of the future will have the ability to make faster, more efficient decisions ensuring a steady and stable supply chain with on-time delivery no matter how tight the production deadline.

With over 80 years experience, Henry Group ensures every product which bares our name will perform to specification and all components meet or exceed our customers expectations.

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